You have to trust in something, your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down and it has made all the difference in my life. – Steve Jobs 


Why do we think that things are going negative if they are not going our way!

 What if they might go your way and lead to something we don’t want?

If one can’t always relate that whatever’s happening is happening for good but one cannot deny whatever happens, happens for a reason’. And we might never know when life can surprise us with the best we deserve.

But by being so negative about every situation we create negativity through which we cannot see the best opportunity coming our way and we never realize what we lost after we have lost it. Often times when opportunities knock our door we don’t answer thinking this is not what I want. If that is our paradigm it will never be what we want.

The only thing stopping us is our own vision which we have designed in such a way that if this isn’t going the way I want it to be, it isn’t going the right way then. We need wisdom to realize not everything will go as planned, the roads you take by accident are possibly the ones you wanted to walk on.

if all you have asked in life for a destination, then be brave to walk on any path given to you.

Accept it as your road because it will lead to YOUR DESTINATION, all you need is courage to accept everything as a blessing offered to you whether it seems like an obstacle or not. Not everyone has the power to accept what is given by destiny but if you do you can be assure it will be for you. We might make wrong decision or set goals which we don’t really want in life or even we choose wrong paths thinking this is what we want even if that is not the purpose of our life and then if destination has taken a U-Turn to somewhere you have no idea about! wait and trust you destiny, it will take you exactly where you are supposed to be.

You will not be somewhere you want to be, you will be somewhere you should be. Accept everything gracefully and keep working for your goal, don’t be negative about anything it’s just a different road for the same destination.






To all those facing hard times right now


Maybe right now it’s too hard for you, but there’s always a hope for you in the darkest times

That this problem won’t be lasting with you like forever, just like the good times this will also fly away teaching you a lot about yourself. Give yourself time to realize what’s the right way for you to go through this. Most of the times we give people and things a lot of importance than they actually can’t stand and we end up hurting ourselves. Nothing can affect you unless you let them affect you.

Get your priorities aside and work on your goals, don’t focus on the situations you have no control on, feeling bad over something you can’t change will only give you pain, try to understand situations better that, ‘Why this has to happen to you?’ As Oprah Winfrey has said


which clearly states there’s always a lesson waiting for you in the tough times to be learnt and as you go through that it will help growing you, remember who are you and tough times won’t last.

And never ever fear criticism or feel bad about your situation, because your current situation does not define who you are, you do, HOW YOU FACE IT THAT DOES! So better stay positive and wait for the good times to come even if it feels like the end just know that it’s notthere is so much more to the life than facing this miserable situation and let it question your worth !

Shreya Minocha 




You are there for everyone, but are you there for yourself?

How many of us can say that yes, we are there for ourselves, because if you are there then loneliness wouldn’t have been a disease anymore. Not everyone is there for themselves but when it comes to the people we love we want to be there with them in their hard times, what if we already have within us and all the power with us that we require to face in our hard times we will figure out people we probably never needed. You and your life doesn’t always require someone else to be there. People who are with you are blessings hold onto them tightly but who have to be with you all the time is YOU. loneliness strikes people when they forget to be with themselves and that’s the best company anyone can ever have.


It’s good to be there for people when they need you but you too need yourself, feel the sense of being there, and those who actually feel themselves are never alone. These are the people who enjoy being alone. If someone is introvert doesn’t mean he is depressed it can be that he enjoys more being with himself than between a bunch of people. We all have the set of priorities in our lives but basic need is to feel yourself there with you and by doing this you can conquer your loneliness forever.

Being there for yourself includes being honest with your life and your decisions that will make your life better, your actions should make you happy, your priorities should lead you where you want to, and eventually you shouldn’t feel lonely. If not then be there, you need a YOURSELF.

– Shreya Minocha


 If you stumble right back up , what happened in the past no longer matters ! 

In the world full of setbacks create a legacy out of your comeback so strong that would conquer all your past failures for good.

Setbacks are important to make it all much better than it was before but most of us don’t comeback and quit, was our goal only that much important to us? Persistence is the key to everything regarding success. If you have a goal so high, you believe In yourself, you have a plan and you have already started working on it, it’s the primary requirement but if you are not persistent and think of quitting already you will get nowhere.

 No matter how often life keeps pushing you back or away from what you want, but what you really want never Give up on that. Take break and rest, if it hasn’t worked out change plan set a new plan, and rise as fire. One after another failure, more or less you will be failed or criticized, doesn’t matter !

All that matter is you and your destination rest is just a part of the journey we can’t help but face either with joy or sorrow, you can fall but only to build up the wings to fly, because sooner or later you are ought to fly. Keep doing it all over again unless you have reached exactly where you want to.

– Shreya Minocha 


 If you don’t fit In , Don’t brother to stand out ! 

You are not bound to fit everywhere or with everyone in this world. ‘if you stay true to yourself, towards your goals , and what you want in life, nothing else in this world matters. ‘People will come and judge you from your mistakes. All of them will be carrying opinions about you and their opinions will only define who they are. What have they done in their life so good so far? Don’t change yourself because somebody else has a problem with it. Don’t let them tell you shit about your life , Be proud of who you are ! You have been through everything they can never imagine to be in, tell yourself everyday ‘I am not gonna let my flaws and mistakes from my past to tell me who I am ‘ 

Because you are worth more than this!

People try to bring you down because you don’t fit in their lives , they want you to change but don’t because you are much more worth it than settling with someone who is constantly ‘criticising’ you for who you are what you have been through is what you know they don’t .

You can spend your whole life crossing oceans for people and still never be enough. 

Their perception about you defines themselves better. How they treat you is how they tell everyone their level of mentality, so if they treat you bad they know where they stand. Move out if it’s not convenient for you. And that will probably the best decision you have ever made.

– Shreya Minocha 


There’s light even in the darkest places.

In Chinese language, the word Wéijī which means crisis is combined with two different words, first of it means danger and the second one means opportunity. Same is with our real lives. What seems like the most riskier thing has a lot of opportunities hidden in it.
what seems like the end is often the beginning. 
The most difficult paths are the ones you need to walk on most of the times. Because difficult roads are the roads for success. Not only difficult roads lead to success most of the time we face destruction and catastrophe but we mustn’t give up because something even better always comes in our way.
 One thing about the bad times is that it gives you the power of gratitude, to see the hope of light even more evidently and to grab every upcoming hope of light.
Very often we can say it makes us learn our own hidden talents or power which lies within us and have been waiting for all of us to find it out but we don’t because we think we already have all the light we require but that’s eventually not enough. What we seek the most outside has always been within us. So if we look for the light of hope or opportunity to rebuild ourselves and the bad times of our lives. So just know that the light resides within you and it’s still waiting for you to look for the magic inside you it and that requires some hard times of life but that can be the best time for you which owns the power of drastic change in everything around and within you.

Grind now, Shine later 

Invest in your dreams , grind now shine later!

Do you see yourself at the top of your game and everyone below you? We all does , we all have goals even if we think we cannot do that we still think of owing it. We all are scared of the race but we all crave the award.
All it boils down to is the one who works for it , not the one who sits home all day dreaming, waiting for an opportunity to knock his door and make it all real? It doesn’t happen like that, it is real world and if you want it , make it happen for yourself.If you don’t run fastest in the race you cannot be the one receiving the Award just thinking of winning the first price and not even try running. Most people doesn’t even participate, just want to win. But if you are at the start line of the race make sure you reach the end destination and give all your power , hustle , grind your Everything to shine.

 You must quit everything that distracts you from achieving what you want.If in that race your goal is to be the fastest runner, you will be meeting people in between who want you to stop, you will see other pleasure , every possible thing will distracts you , but all you have to do is Keep Going 

Grind as hard as you can for a dream only you can see. Wait for the time when you will show your worth from all the grind you have done on yourself. The one who has wanted it the most has done everything to achieve it. 

If you can dream big why not grind hard , as hard as possible. This time will not come back you have do it all now. There will be million distractions , don’t take your eyes off your goals even for a second.  

– Shreya Minocha